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Intelligent Transportation

Transportation network has become broader and more complex than before, and way more difficult to manage. It is promising that the development of information and communication technology keep pace with these changes to offer intelligent and efficient solutions. Utilization of transportation with ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has led to the creation of Intelligent Transportation Systems to provide the necessary infrastructure for smart road network management, the welfare of citizens and other related industries. Intelligent transportation systems are the foundation and integral part of smart city management. At Malager, we keep up with the latest technology and each step we have taken make transportation smarter. Intelligent management requires smart tools and knowledgeable observer of current events to intelligently manage and plan. By combining efficient hardware and software, we provide smart tools for intelligent transportation management to our customers.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

1- Traffic Data Collection Systems

In order to establish traffic discipline, which is one of the main goals of intelligent transportation, infrastructural actions are needed to collect, monitor and control traffic data. Planning, optimal development and maintenance of the road network is not possible without having sufficient information on how the existing roads are used. Traffic data is one of the most basic and important statistics required for the management, planning and controlling transportation network, which at the same time makes optimal and principled maintenance of roads possible. By vehicle count and classification, which are the most important parameters of traffic studies, it is possible to allocate resources optimally according to the needs of the transportation network.

Applications of traffic counting system:

  • Collection of traffic data for urban and road infrastructure planning
  • Manage traffic discipline through accurate statistics
  • A good alternative to manual traffic data collection
  • Providing the necessary traffic data to plan smart city
  • Using online traffic data such as volume, vehicle class, speed violation, gap and headway at any time through laptops, tablets and smart phones
  • Providing traffic data cumulatively such as hourly, daily, monthly, yearly indefinitely from the moment of launching the system
  • Using offline traffic data to receive automated reports at any time
  • Monitoring laws and regulations implementation,
  • Using for traffic management, parking management, electronic toll collection development, accident management, natural disaster management, vehicle navigation management and transportation safety development
  • Maintenance of existing transportation network infrastructure and its optimal development
  • Informing the public about the online traffic condition to plan their trips
  • Traffic Statistics on special occasions or crisis occurrence, to monitor and better facility allocation
  • Using Traffic statistics for tourism decisions, by examining the traffic pattern in different years and comparing the impact of different factors and variables on the rate of tourism development

Inductive loop is the most mature technology used in traffic counters around the world. Due to its reasonable price and high accuracy, these systems are one of the most popular types of traffic counters that collect traffic data via sensors that are installed below the road surface.

Advantages of Inductive-Loop traffic counters:

  • High accuracy in detection
  • Accurate classification and data transfer
  • Cost-effective Technology
  • Not sensitive to weather conditions

Unique benefits of Malager I-Count:

  • 10 years of great functioning
  • Low power consumption
  • Operating with solar panel
  • Uninterrupted performance
  • Wi-Fi module to connect wirelessly
  • Online traffic data transmission 24/7

Video processing is another technology for traffic counters, with its unique features it meets the specific needs of the transportation network. It is one of the most efficient and up-to-date technologies used around the world. The traffic sensor required for this system is a combination of a camera with CPUs that are installed in the desired spot.

Advantages of Image Processing Traffic counters:

  • Installation with no traffic restrictions
  • Easier repairs due to no need for traffic restrictions
  • Non-invasive installation of equipment and no destruction of road surface
  • Remote calibration
  • Not sensitive to passing vehicle patterns
  • Covering road shoulders with no additional sensors
  • Reduce the theft risk due to installation at height

Unique benefits of Malager V-Count:

  • Self-sufficiency and eliminating the need for foreign samples
  • Domestic software design for vehicle classification
  • Reducing installation costs with installation on existing light post
  • Installation on road side to reduce visual pollution and increase safety
  • Counting error due to cars shadow are eliminated
  • Lower price compared to foreign samples

Another technology in the field of traffic counting are magnetic sensors, which have been received well due to their quick and easy installation and minimum road surface destruction. These traffic counters consist of magnetic sensors and electronic processors that communicate wirelessly and also a long-life low-consuming battery that is dug with the sensor.

Advantages of Magnetic Traffic Counters:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Minimal damage to the road surface
  • Long battery life
  • Remote calibration
  • Not sensitive to weather condition

Unique benefits of Malager M-Count:

  • Low power consumption
  • High accuracy
  • Automatic calibration
  • Reduce road shoulder destruction due to wireless connection

2- Automated Speed Violation Registration

Speed Violation Registration Systems are designed to enforce the speed limit law of the road network and to help implement the traffic rules. They are also used for road management, road safety improvement and police better monitoring. They increase safety by controlling speed and reducing accidents and its related costs. These intelligent systems consist of industrial cameras, image processing processors and powerful license plate recognition that allow the detection of speed violations and automated enforcement.

Malager Automated Speed Violation Registration Features:

  • Record instantaneous speed violations
  • Record average speed violations
  • Speed detection from 5 to 250 km/h
  • Fully automatic operation 24/7
  • Automatic license plate recognition
  • Record their license plates and an image from the passing vehicles
  • Save and send information to the desired servers

3- Automated Intersection Violation Registration

One of the components of the smart city are intelligent intersections, and the main component of these intersections are fully Automated Intersection Violation Registration Systems. Their main goal is to establish traffic order and increase safety through the implementation of violation enforcement. Intersection Violation Registration Systems are installed to detect vehicles that passes the red lights, unauthorized left and right turnings and vehicle stop on the pedestrian crossing and record their license plate number and the vehicle photo to send to the desired servers.

Malager Automated Intersection Violation Registration Features:

  • Fully Automatic Violation Detection
  • Fully Automatic law enforcement
  • Operating 24/7
  • Record simultaneous violations accurately

Smart City and Smart Road Softwares

Softwares are integral component of smart cities and smart roads. They provide the possibility of intelligent control and management of things. After collecting, sending and storing data, it is time to process the raw data to be converted to measurable outputs such as charts, tables, photos, etc. Based on these reports, managers will reach comprehensive, efficient, valuable and principled solutions. Malager smart assistant software will be at the service of managers.

Smart City and Smart Road Softwares

1-Malager Traffic Counter Software (TC-Manager)

All traffic counter systems consist of two parts, hardware and software, which are combined to bring the user to the final output. The data collected by the hardware needs to be monitored and processed in order to be converted into measurable and understandable output, this is what Malager traffic management software does. This software also allows you to connect to the device and make the necessary settings.

2- Malager Traffic Data Mining Software (T-Analyzer)

Malager T-Analyzer provides a unique experience of a traffic software for managers by user-friendly environment and practical and useful modules. Complex traffic data management is only possible with a smart and powerful assistant such as Malager data mining software. Traffic data is made up of complex and intertwined components that the detection of cause and effect is not easily revealed unless with the help of powerful and complex algorithms, which are the core part of Malager T-Analyzer.

3- Malager Safety Manager (S-Manager)

Safety is one of the main goals of transportation network management that all governments and involved companies are trying to make safe roads and cities. By collecting and combining discrete traffic data, it is possible to provide a platform to increase the level of road network safety through the processing and refining of big data. Malager safety software is designed to be combined with the expertise and experience of engineers in this field to serve them as a smart assistant.

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